Our urban environments are rapidly adapting to changes to both our climate and our lifestyle choices



With rapid advances in the design of autonomous transportation systems and electric vehicles, our cities are changing like never before. From Amazon drone delivery to Tesla driver-less cars, the use of fossil fuels in our busy urban environments is constantly being replaced by electrically powered vehicles.

In recent years we’ve all seen an increase in electric bikes, but for one reason or another that growth hasn’t exploded like we would have hoped. At MOFO, we believe the challenge is not just in the adaptation of electric bikes (the technology is already well proven), the challenge lies in designing the technology to suit our modern lifestyles. To date, the clunky, outdated design of e-bikes hasn’t attracted the desired attention so here at MOFO we are aiming to change that!

Dublin is one of the youngest and most diverse cities in Europe, with a mix of cultures from all over the world working in modern, cool and creative environments. It is home to some of the world’s largest digital brands including Facebook, Twitter, Google to mention just a few, alongside small, independent and creative start-ups. As a result, their employees bring a vibrancy to the city that has helped shape the restaurants and bars we socialise in and the clothes and brands we wear. 

MOFO was founded in Connemara in 2018 as a small but ambitious e-mobility start-up focusing on urban electric vehicles. Our mission is to change the face of Ireland’s electric bike industry from one which has been focused on traditional bike design to one which is not only functional, but also creative and responds to our fashion sense and lifestyle choices. We want to create bikes that not only should you ride, but bikes that you want to ride. As a result, our first product to market is the MOFO Bike, a retro electric bike designed in the classic Café Racer motorbike style.

As we begin, we are building our production capabilities to handle the demands of our customer base, as well as preparing for future urban design challenges. 


We are not only committed to building functional and stylish e-Bikes. We firmly believe that our e-Bikes should stand out from the crowd with great style without compromising on design or build quality. We want you to enjoy both function and form.

We understand and recognise our responsibility to our customers and partners to deliver the best product. After-all, we ride ours everyday and can be found easily navigating through Dublin's bustling streets during rush hour!


Our vision for the MOFO brand is constantly evolving and we want you, our customers, to come with us on this journey. We want your input into our products so ultimately you and your lifestyle choices define what we sell.

MOFO e-Bike

The MOFO Bike is a retro e-Bike that the team at MOFO have brought to Ireland. It's equipped with a high-speed 250-Watt Bafang motor, specifically built for a fat tire bike, providing enough torque (80NM) to help you climb almost any terrain. 

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